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Google Ad Manager

The world's finest sell-side platform for managing and earning the highest revenue from your programmatic advertising.


Google’s premium platform for publishers, Google Ad Manager 360, combines DoubleClick for Publishers and Google Ad Exchange, to enable publishers to increase revenue, ensure brand protection and to benefit from a centralized workflow.

We are proud to be one of few Google Certified Publishing Partners (GCPP) qualified to resell Google Ad Manager.  We can help your business thrive. Google selected us for this exclusive program based on our proven expertise with GAM360, in addition to our experience working with publishers of all sizes across the world.

Manage and Maximize your Revenue with Google Ad Manager

  • State-of-Art Inventory Management
  • Dynamic Media Formats
  • Advanced Data Analysis
  • Curate Access to Inventory

Google Ad Manager Brings Enormous Value to Publishers



  • Cut operational complexity by managing your advertising business holistically across all your sales and consumer channels from one place.
  • Provide seamless experiences wherever your audience engages with your brand.
  • Inventory unification: Ad Manager ad units function as a single unit of inventory.
  • Full transparency and visibility across all sales channels and platform types.
  • A unified and streamlined inventory creation and management workflow.
  • Simplified results with higher revenue and more opportunities



  • More access to advertisers, no matter how they’re buying
  • Connect with all advertising partners, direct and programmatic in one place.
  • Give advertisers the flexibility to work with you in a variety of ways through different deal types.
  • Manage all the ways you work with advertisers on a single platform.


  • Data-Driven Recommendations
  • Gain access to more data and insights with consolidated reporting, powerful visualizations, and turn-key recommendations.
  • Machine Learning Optimization
  • Boost your business by combining all your advertising data with machine learning-based optimizations for better, faster, and smarter business decisions.
  • Robust Reporting
  • Measure the real impact of your brand with metrics advertisers care about most
  • Opportunities and Experiments
  • Self-service framework for publishers to view and experiment with actionable, tailored opportunities for improving yield.


  • Display
  • Video
  • In-App
  • Native – Creates less intrusive, more engaging, and responsive ad experiences.
  • Rewarded – Rewarded ads give users in-app incentives or digital goods for voluntarily watching an ad.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) & AMP HTML Ads


  • Tools for publishers to obtain user consent
  • Funding Choices for User Consent – Desktop & non-AMP
  • Mobile web
  • Consent component – AMP
  • Consent SDKs – App
  • Tools for publishers to control ads personalization

Preferred Deals in GAM 360

  • Streamline your non-guaranteed and guaranteed deals into a single platform & workflow
  • Advanced targeting, re-negotiation, creative review, & forecasting
  • Increase revenue with deals that are seamlessly transacted
  • Improved troubleshooting and reporting capabilities

Yield Groups for Apps

  • Monetize with any network of your choice in Yield Group to maximize mobile in-app revenue
  • Real-time optimization of Google demand to maximize your yield
  • Enhanced competition among ad networks in mediation with automatic data collection (ADC)
  • One platform to manage all networks of your choice with any format


Exchange Bidding (EBDA) in GAM 360

Exchange Bidding Dynamic Allocation (EBDA) allows exchanges and SSPs to bid on a publishers’ inventory, in addition to inventory sourced from the GAM’s Ad Exchange (formerly DoubleClick AdX), all within a unified auction inside the platform.

With EBDA, publishers have the control to approve and onboard partners interested in purchasing their inventory programmatically. EBDA also amplifies competition for every impression, which as a result, increases yield and earned revenue for inventory while reducing a publisher’s workload and latency.

  • Allows multiple third-party exchanges to compete in real-time for publisher inventory alongside Ad Manager.
  • Runs a unified first-price auction that gives every exchange, including Ad Manager, an equal opportunity to compete for every impression.
  • Eliminates inefficiencies of header bidding setups such as line item complexity and increased latency.
  • Provides integrated reporting and billing for 3rd party exchanges.

Google Ad Manager FAQ

Google Ad Manager 360 (GAM360), which is available to publishers with higher traffic volumes, is the paid version of Google Ad Manager (GAM). In addition to all of the GAM features, GAM360 gives premium publishers access to advanced reports, extra integrations such as Data Studio and DMP Integration, open bidding, special ad units and advanced video options, creative wrappers, CPA and vCPM based campaigns, and more. Publishers can also manage direct Private Market Place (PMP) and Programmatic Guaranteed (PC) deals within GAM360.

Google Ad Manager is an ad management platform for publishers, enabling them to monetize website, mobile app, video, and game inventory. It connects to ad networks, including AdSense and AdExchange, as well as third-party exchanges and networks to compete for ad inventory. Ad Manager gives publishers granular controls, in-depth reports, and the ability to manage direct deals from within the platform.

Go to admanager.google.com and sign in to your account. Set up the network setting, including your time zone and currency. After that, you need to create your inventory structure and add Google Publisher Tags to your pages. Make sure you request app ads through Google Mobile Ads SDK and video ads through Google IMA SDK. Once this is done, you can start trafficking ads to your inventory by creating orders and line items, followed by uploading creatives, and finally approving orders.

Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords)  is a Google product for advertisers that enables them to send users to a web page or app through pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns. Google Ads manager (formerly known as Doubleclick for Publishers or DFP)  is for publishers and allows them to sell their ad inventory to advertisers and earn revenue.

To find Google Ad Manager and sign in to your account, visit admanager.google.com. Type in your Google Account username and password, and you’ll be granted access.

Google Ad Manager is an ad server and can be connected to AdX, which is an SSP. GAM360 is a product suite that houses both the ad server and AdX along with a host of advanced features for publishers.

Anyone with a website, blog, app, or other digital property, can monetize it and make money with Google AdSense or Ad Exchange, both of which connect advertisers and publishers. Publishers connect their website, and advertisers bid to display their ad on the site. When someone clicks on an ad, the advertiser pays, and that payment is shared between the publisher and Google.

As a publisher, you can use Google Ad Manager to monetize your content, manage revenue from direct deals, and streamline your ad management process. Ad Manager has a wide range of tools that let you control what types of ads show on your site, review detailed reports such as yield from a specific demand partner or performance of ad units, and run tests and optimize ads to learn which units, line items and advertisers are the most profitable.

Your Success is Why We Do What We Do.

If you would like to begin using Google Ad Manager 360 with EBDA to optimize your monetization stack, we would love to partner with you to reach your goals.  We are an official certified reseller of GAM360 and we will provide you with access, additional monetization opportunities, and expert technical support for best utilizing and maximizing Google Ad Manager 360 together with EBDA.

Our team of publisher experts will work with you to build your publishing business through elite optimization, yield management strategies, and a focus on quality and experience.

If you would like to begin using Google Ad Manager 360 together with EBDA to earn more revenue, we are ready to partner with you to reach your goals.