Our publisher dashboard for viewing performance and revenue.


The video platform offers a player, marketplace, and dashboard all in one place, with multiple video formats to responsively show video advertisements on your website.

We provide a simple plug-and-play solution to create a new revenue stream that works seamlessly alongside your current ad units.

Our video platform is ideal for companies that currently don’t have video monetization to begin earning revenue from video.

Your inventory, your rules – we just provide the technology.

Elements of our Video Platform

Video Player

Install a single tag on your website to show premium video ads in any format, on any device, for every visitor that consumes your content.

Global Marketplace

Connect into our exclusive marketplace in order to reach premium advertisers worldwide for maximizing your fill rates, CPMs, and engagement.

Publisher Dashboard

View, monitor, and control video ads in addition to receiving critical real-time analytics about performance and revenue earned.

Are you ready to begin using our simple and easy to add video monetization solution for your website?

Key Benefits for Publishers

Combine with Your Current Ads

The video platform will provide your website with a new, highly profitable revenue stream that works seamlessly alongside your current ad units.

Expert Management

Total Media’s in-house team of programmatic professionals will manage and maximize your fill-rates and floor prices.

Plug-and-Play Solution

Enjoy video monetization without having to face the complexities or demands of producing original video content for your website.

Increase Your Revenue

The video platform is beneficial for companies that currently don’t have video to begin earning substantial revenue from video ads.

Did you know?

Total Media is a recognized Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) by providing publishers with leading platforms such as DFP Premium, Total Media’s Video Platform, services and yield management across all media with a strong focus on video.

Utilize Powerful Video Formats


Designed to open up when there is demand, and expands between text. inRead transforms any page on any device, to show premium video ads as a visitor consumes content.

Mobile Interstitial

Designed to display a video ad on the mobile web, the Mobile Interstitial ad player allows for an ad to be shown as a webpage is loading, in addition to appearing when a user is moving between pages.


Designed to open up when there is demand on the bottom right-hand side of the screen, the Sticky ad allows for a continuous viewing of the advertisement as visitors scroll through content.

Mobile Top Fixed Sticky

Designed to display a video ad on a mobile screen, the Mobile Top Fixed Sticky will appear at the top of a mobile page and remain fixed in place, even as the user scrolls up and down the webpage.


Step 1:

Publisher Registration

Step 2:

Paste the Ad Tags onto Your Website

Step 3:

Begin Earning Premium Revenue from Video Advertising

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