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Are you seeking a premium video content solution to monetize your traffic?

Start Earning High Video CPMs Now with Total Media Video360°

Online video monetization has generated a lot of discussion in the media industry today. Most publishers would love to begin producing video content but the logisitical and financial barriers to entry can be challenging and costly causing many publishers to be denied from featuring video content, let alone actually monetizing it.

Video360° brings video monetization to everyone

Video360°, Total Media’s unique premium video solution, brings together the three major pillars of video advertising into one easily adoptable feature-rich solution that is UNMATCHED by anything being offering in the industry today.

  • State of the Art Video Player – All standard sizes available featuring auto-play and non-auto play (with / without sound)
  • High Quality Original Content – Refreshed 24/7 and customized for you on an automatic basis 
  • In-Stream Premium Ads – In-stream premium video demand sources for pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll and overlay 

Total Media offers a robust, dynamic and high quality video monetization solution – Video360° for publishers to deliver premium video content and in-stream ads onto their website. Video360° will enable you to showcase high quality video content related to your website’s current textual content and then monetize your video traffic programmatically through leading video platforms.  Just implement the code into the page and sit back and enjoy!


Total Media Video360° is available now for publishers of all sizes! 

By adopting Video360° onto your website, you will begin seeing the advantages immediately:

  • New revenue streams for monetizing your newly created video traffic
  • Improved website user experience with premium video content
  • Curated content channels that convert
  • High eCPMs and fill rates for your video content
  • Relevant video content delivered everyday
  • Longer website engagement
  • Premium video content to pair with your content
  • Easy plug and play implementation into your website

If you’re a publisher that already has a video player – no problem! We can connect you into our demand and further optimize your website’s video monetization streams.

Video content is exploding today in the industry. We believe that Video360° is the right product at the right time for publishers to not only further monetize their content but to create a deeper engagement with their site visitors in order to provide them with the highest standard web experience possible.

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