Total Analytics is the leading optimization platform that enables online publishers to view and maximize revenue, performance and traffic analysis of their multiple advertising channels within a single platform.

Total Analytics harnesses big data to capture complex analysis in a simplified decision making view.  The Total Analytics dashboard visually displays for Google publishers decision making advertising data.

  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Alert Notifications
  • Growth Analysis
  • Displays total and forecasted revenues
  • Shows what can be done to boost CTRs
  • Visualizes top performing ad units
  • Highlights revenue by targeting and brand type
  • Shows CPM, eCPM, fill rate in unified display for the 1st time
  • Helps to focus on which buyers create greater opportunities

Total Analytics drills down into ad pricing, traffic and performance to give you actionable insights into key indicators affecting your revenue growth.  Performance breakdowns by eCPM, indexed eCPM and fill-rate serve to improve your Click-Through Rates.

Total Analytics provides real-time yield optimization, critical for customers trying to balance directly sold advertiser campaigns, with demand from ad networks and exchanges. Having Total Analytics as a tool in your arsenal will enable you to determine which advertisers and ad source will generate the highest revenue for your impressions.