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What is programmatic ad buying?

Programmatic is a new online advertising model that automatically identifies the optimum target audience for each ad campaign. It is a booking mechanism to sell inventory for advertisers over an exchange or through direct and even premium channels.

Programmatic hugely benefits publishers.

Estimates suggest that anywhere from 80-90% of the available online ad inventory is unsold each year. Publishers are often working in an environment where supply often can’t find demand. Regardless of how many direct sales reps are hired to sell website ad inventory often there remains ad units that will go unfilled.

Programmatic fares well for publishers willing to adopt a long term approach and consort with the right partners. Programmatic when managed expertly enables publishers to:

  • Minimize unsold inventory
  • Control premium and remnant inventory more efficiently
  • Increase content exposure at the audience segment level
  • Target premium audiences beyond the publisher site (audience extension)
  • Optimize content to grow high value audiences
  • Systematically sell paid subscriptions leveraging programmatic marketing
  • Segment target audiences more effectively to justify increased advertiser spend
  • Demand maximum CPM rates for narrowly defined target audiences

Preferred Deals and Private Auctions

Preferred deals are based on direct agreements between publishers and advertisers where generally advertisers approach the publishers about specific ad sizes, placements and audiences and the two parties negotiate a specific fixed price for the impressions amongst themselves.

  • Ability to establish and control the per impression price which generally returns higher yield per impression due to premium advertisers’ desire to reach select audiences.
  • Power to establish a market price and maintain higher relative financial value for premium ad inventory on a website.
  • Capacity to sell premium ad inventory directly to premium advertisers programmatically rather than only through a dedicated ad sales team.
  • Efficiency to distribute unsold inventory to be acquired elsewhere.

Private auctions are programmatic deals that allow publishers to create a higher-priority auction available only to white-listed buyers of their choosing for specific inventory the publisher desires to make available. One such SSP allowing private auctions is DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) by Google. Any advertiser interested in participating in a private auction is recommended to be using a DSP (such as DoubleClick Bid Manager).

  • Ability to offer premium inventory programmatically to a select few premium advertisers.
  • Set specific CPM floor prices for premium ad placements and impressions while netting even higher CPM revenue as a result of an auction
  • Streamlining the operation through programmatic platforms such as DoubleClick Ad Exchange

If you are considering taking on Preferred Deals or Private Auctions for your website, our trained experts at Total Media are available to consult with your team in order to build the most optimal mix of programmatic optimization and monetization for your website’s ad units to increase your monthly revenue earned from web traffic. Please feel free to contact us here.

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