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Video Monetization

Out-stream and In-stream Video Monetization

Earn premium monetization from every impression.

Build Your Ad Stack – The video platform will provide your website with a new, highly profitable revenue stream that works seamlessly alongside your current ad units.

Plug and Play Solution – Enjoy video monetization without having to face the complexities or demands of producing original video content for your website.

Expert Management – Total Media’s in-house team of programmatic professionals will expertly manage and maximize your fill-rates and floor prices.

Utilize Powerful Video Formats

InRead – Designed to open up when there is demand, and expands between text. inRead transforms any page on any device, to show premium video ads as a visitor consumes content.

Mobile Interstitial – Designed to display a video ad on the mobile web, the Mobile Interstitial ad player allows for an ad to be shown as a webpage is loading, in addition to appearing when a user is moving between pages.

Sticky – Designed to open up when there is demand on the bottom right-hand side of the screen, the Sticky ad allows for a continuous viewing of the advertisement as visitors scroll through content.

Mobile Top Fixed Slider – Designed to display a video ad on a mobile screen, the Mobile Top Fixed Slider will appear at the top of a mobile page and remain fixed in place, even as the user scrolls up and down the webpage.


Elements of our Video Platform

Video Player – Install a single tag on your website to show premium video ads in any format, on any device, for every visitor that consumes your content.

Global Marketplace – Connect into our exclusive marketplace in order to reach premium advertisers worldwide for maximizing your fill rates, CPMs, and engagement.

Publisher Dashboard – View, monitor, and control video ads in addition to receiving critical real-time analytics about the performance and revenue earned from your ad unit.