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Content Recommendation Mediation

Optimized to Maximize Every Native Ad Impression

The Modern Way to Earn Big from Content Recommendation 

  • Connect up to 40 content recommendation demand sources 
  • AI-powered technology analyzes and secures the highest bid offered   
  • Publisher protection with automatic built-in fraud detection and prevention tools
  • Benefit from global competition for your impressions 
  • Serve native ads in all languages geos, formats and devices

Intelligent Dashboard Designed for Decision-Makers

  • Transparently analyze vendor performance and revenue metrics
  • Easily add more demand partners in the dashboard with just a few clicks
  • Automatic (post-bid) optimization delivers ads to the right audiences 


  • 1M+ Pageviews Per Month
  • 50% Tier 1 Traffic
  • Currently using content widget on a website

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