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Monetization Solutions

Elevate Your Monetization to the Next Level

Advertising is your revenue pipeline and one of the most important aspects that you can focus on.  As a publisher, it is essential to properly monetize your traffic in order to maximize the earnings from your website.  

Our suite of premium monetization solutions and services will supercharge your returns across desktop, mobile and video through access to exclusive platforms and premium demand.

We will provide you with hands-on management and custom-tailored services to enable your business to reach optimal revenue results from your stack of primary and indirect demand sources.

Display (Desktop, Mobile Web & AMP)

Integrated within Google Ad Manager, Ad Exchange (AdX) connects publishers to the world’s largest pool of global demand including advertisers, advertising networks and agencies, and third-party demand-side platforms all seeking premium ad inventory.

If your website has more than 1M page views per month, we will be happy provide your website with Google Ad Manager to integrate this demand to your website.

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Video Monetization

A simple plug-and-play video solution to enable a new revenue stream that churns revenue smoothly alongside you ad units.  

Our video platform is ideal for websites that don’t have video content to begin earning revenue from video advertising. 

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Dynamic Ad Creation

Create and monetize display, video, and native ad products for your website with no technical work whatsoever.

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Content Recommendation Mediation

A powerful content recommendation management platform that brings together over 40 demand sources to compete and increase monthly earnings. 

The platform’s machine learning will enable you to match the right content provider to the right inventory for different segments while taking into account country, device, platform, placement, and other parameters.

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