Monetization Solutions

Gain access to exclusive platforms and premium demand sources for supercharging your revenue across from desktop, mobile and video.

Our team of in-house monetization experts provides hands-on management and custom-tailored services to enable your business to reach optimal revenue results from your stack of primary and indirect demand sources.

Display (Desktop, Mobile Web & AMP)

Integrated within Google Ad Manager, Ad Exchange (AdX) connects publishers into the world’s largest pool of global display demand. That includes direct advertisers, advertising networks and agencies, and third-party demand-side platforms seeking premium ad inventory.

If your website has more than 1M page views per month, we will be happy to evaluate whether we can provide this Ad Manager demand.

Video Monetization

Total Media’s portfolio of all-in-one video content units (Out-stream, In-stream) features full monetization services built-in, packaging all the necessary building blocks for running a profitable video operation, without the hassle.

Our variety of simple plug-and-play video solutions provides new revenue streams that work seamlessly alongside your current ad units. 

If your website has more than 1M page views per month, video monetization is ideal if you don’t already have video content so you can begin earning revenue from video advertising. 


Video Content Unit (VCU)

A single tag delivers a fast loading player, fresh video content and a stream of video ads all rolled into one. This new unit boosts video monetization, maximizing in-stream revenue from each placement while enhancing the viewing experience and overall performance across desktop and mobile assets.

In-Article VCU

Corner VCU

Persistent VCU



Unlike pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll formats, out-stream is not dependent on existing video content. All types of publishers can increase monetization opportunities with video outstream because it allows publishers to enjoy the revenue from video without having to face the complexities or demands of producing video content while at the same time ensuring an excellent user experience on the site.







Earn premium monetization from every impression.

Build Your Ad Stack – The video platform will provide your website with a new, highly profitable revenue stream that works seamlessly alongside your current ad units.

Plug and Play Solution – Enjoy video monetization without having to face the complexities or demands of producing original video content for your website.

Expert Management – Total Media’s in-house team of programmatic professionals will expertly manage and maximize your fill-rates and floor prices.

Utilize Powerful Video Formats

InRead – Designed to open up when there is demand, and expands between text. inRead transforms any page on any device, to show premium video ads as a visitor consumes content.

Mobile Interstitial – Designed to display a video ad on the mobile web, the Mobile Interstitial ad player allows for an ad to be shown as a webpage is loading, in addition to appearing when a user is moving between pages.

Sticky – Designed to open up when there is demand on the bottom right-hand side of the screen, the Sticky ad allows for a continuous viewing of the advertisement as visitors scroll through content.

Mobile Top Fixed Slider – Designed to display a video ad on a mobile screen, the Mobile Top Fixed Slider will appear at the top of a mobile page and remain fixed in place, even as the user scrolls up and down the webpage.


Elements of our Video Platform

Video Player – Install a single tag on your website to show premium video ads in any format, on any device, for every visitor that consumes your content.

Global Marketplace – Connect into our exclusive marketplace in order to reach premium advertisers worldwide for maximizing your fill rates, CPMs, and engagement.

Publisher Dashboard – View, monitor, and control video ads in addition to receiving critical real-time analytics about the performance and revenue earned from your ad unit.

Whizzco’s Yield Management Widget for Publishers

Optimized to Maximize Every Native Ad Impression


The Modern Way to Earn Big from Content Recommendation 

  • Connect up to 40 content recommendation demand sources 
  • AI-powered technology analyzes and secures the highest bid offered   
  • Publisher protection with automatic built-in fraud detection and prevention tools
  • Benefit from global competition for your impressions 
  • Serve native ads in all languages, geos, formats and devices


Intelligent Dashboard Designed for Decision-Makers

  • Transparently analyze vendor performance and revenue metrics
  • Easily add more demand partners in the dashboard with just a few clicks
  • Automatic (post-bid) optimization delivers ads to the right audiences 



  • 1M+ Pageviews Per Month
  • 50% Tier 1 Traffic
  • Currently using a content widget on a website


Immediately enjoy how profitable content recommendation can be!