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Total Media helps publishers maximize their existing inventory revenue and introduces new opportunities to increase revenues streams to publishers through Real-Time-Bidding (RTB) and programmatic buyer platforms.

RTB, a component of programmatic advertising, creates an auction environment where advertisers can bid in real-time to show a different ad to a specific user based on particular data that has been acquired about that user. RTB holds the promise of delivering the right ad to the right person at the right time. Advertising inventory bought and sold through RTB on a per impression basis, operates similar to the way financial markets work.

  • Sell your ad space to the highest-paying buyers in real-time
  • Increase revenues from premium and remnant inventory
  • Detailed reports on all of your inventory
  • Realize higher margins

Over 20% of display ad purchases made through automated technologies

Instead of just selling your inventory directly to buyers, you can make your inventory available on international media exchanges. Total Media helps you grow your eCPMs by making your inventory compete against a strong global demand base. By providing access to the industry’s largest real-time bidding platforms, Total Media enables you to offer your inventory to the widest possible audience of advertisers.


Preferred Deals and Private Auctions

Preferred deals are based on direct agreements between publishers and advertisers where generally advertisers approach the publishers about specific ad sizes, placements and audiences and the two parties negotiate a specific fixed price for the impressions amongst themselves.

  • Ability to establish and control the per impression price which generally returns higher yield per impression due to premium advertisers’ desire to reach select audiences.
  • Power to establish a market price and maintain higher relative financial value for premium ad inventory on a website.
  • Capacity to sell premium ad inventory directly to premium advertisers programmatically rather than only through a dedicated ad sales team.
  • Efficiency to distribute unsold inventory to be acquired elsewhere.

Private auctions are programmatic deals that allow publishers to create a higher-priority auction available only to white-listed buyers of their choosing for specific inventory the publisher desires to make available. One such SSP allowing private auctions is DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) by Google. Any advertiser interested in participating in a private auction is recommended to be using a DSP (such as DoubleClick Bid Manager).

  • Ability to offer premium inventory programmatically to a select few premium advertisers.
  • Set specific CPM floor prices for premium ad placements and impressions while netting even higher CPM revenue as a result of an auction
  • Streamlining the operation through programmatic platforms such as DoubleClick Ad Exchange

If you are considering taking on Preferred Deals or Private Auctions for your website, our trained experts at Total Media are available to consult with your team in order to build the most optimal mix of programmatic optimization and monetization for your website’s ad units to increase your monthly revenue earned from web traffic. Please feel free to contact us here.


Total Media’s publisher solutions maximize revenue through advanced proprietary optimization technologies, analysis management tools and services.

Our in-house monetization experts together with our proprietary technologies enable you to reach optimal revenue results from primary and other indirect demand sources.

  • Expertise in identifying and driving the highest price for each impression
  • Ensuring highest fill rate and eCPM’s
  • Built on premium technology and a full service
  • Control and complete visibility of publisher inventory
  • Access to extensive global ad networks

We partner with you to help you choose which advertisers can bid and what impressions they can buy, so you can maximize your returns on every impression, while following your desired strategy. Total Media will strive to provide your website with significantly higher leverage of your existing assets by reshaping your website to create premium placements for global advertisers.


Monetization Terms & Conditions

Bring us your remnant inventory and we will maximize your ROI!

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