Google Ad Manager 360

The world's finest sell-side platform for managing and earning the highest revenue from your programmatic advertising.


Google’s premium platform for publishers, Google Ad Manager 360, combines DoubleClick for Publishers and Google Ad Exchange, to enable publishers to increase revenue, ensure brand protection and to benefit from a centralized workflow.

We are proud to be one of few Google Certified Publishing Partners (GCPP) qualified to resell Google Ad Manager.  We can help your business thrive. Google selected us for this exclusive program based on our proven expertise with GAM360, in addition to our experience working with publishers of all sizes across the world.  


Manage and Maximize your Revenue

• State-of-Art Inventory Management

• Dynamic Media Formats

• Advanced Data Analysis

• Curate Access to Inventory

Exchange Bidding (EBDA) in GAM 360

Exchange Bidding Dynamic Allocation (EBDA) allows exchanges and SSPs to bid on a publishers’ inventory, in addition to inventory sourced from the GAM’s Ad Exchange (formerly DoubleClick AdX), all within a unified auction inside the platform.

With EBDA, publishers have the control to approve and onboard partners interested in purchasing their inventory programmatically. EBDA also amplifies competition for every impression, which as a result, increases yield and earned revenue for inventory while reducing a publisher’s workload and latency.


Your Success is Why We Do What We Do.

If you would like to begin using Google Ad Manager 360 with EBDA to optimize your monetization stack, we would love to partner with you to reach your goals.  We are an official certified reseller of GAM360 and we will provide you with access, additional monetization opportunities and expert technical support for best utilizing and maximizing Google Ad Manager 360 together with EBDA.

Our team of publisher experts will work with you to build your publishing business through elite optimization, yield management strategies and a focus on quality and experience.

If you would like to begin using Google Ad Manager 360 together with EBDA to earn more revenue, we are ready to partner with you to reach your goals.