Total Media’s publisher solutions maximize revenue through advanced proprietary optimization technologies, analysis management tools and services.

Our in-house monetization experts together with our proprietary technologies enable you to reach optimal revenue results from primary and other indirect demand sources.

  • Expertise in identifying and driving the highest price for each impression
  • Ensuring highest fill rate and eCPM’s
  • Built on premium technology and a full service
  • Control and complete visibility of publisher inventory
  • Access to extensive global ad networks

We partner with you to help you choose which advertisers can bid and what impressions they can buy, so you can maximize your returns on every impression, while following your desired strategy. Total Media will strive to provide your website with significantly higher leverage of your existing assets by reshaping your website to create premium placements for global advertisers.

Pre-integration and problem solving

A detailed media plan is suggested to our clients after extensive analysis of business goals and campaign history. Our team will offer the best possible solution for your needs.

Migrations services

 Seamless and flexible data migrations services, saving you hours of manual work.

Customization services

Our in-house development teams ensure that your unique product profiles are transported smoothly.

Last Mile solutions

Our team of experts will guide you through the optimization process across all your media channels so that you can understand the uplift in results.

Special development projects

We know that different publishers have different needs. Our development team is always ready to make tweaks and adjustments per client.


Our clients receive in-depth reports and analysis of ad-server behavior from our BI system and user-friendly UI’s.