Consulting and Professional Services

Total Media brings over 10 years of experience in digital advertising technology and specifically, in ad serving platforms, to deliver first-rate integration solutions.
But we don’t just rely on technology alone.

Over the years, we nurtured a multi-national team dedicated to helping you manage and grow your local and global campaigns. We offer the following services:

  • Advanced media planning and sales channel integration
  • Seamless integration with other systems, saving time and errors
  • Inventory optimization and other last-mile solutions
  • Multi-skilled, multi-lingual team dedicated to help you succeed
  • In-depth ad server reports and analysis

Our team tunes into your needs to help you build the right platform for managing your advertising across multiple-screens and channels including mobile, video, rich media, social and search. In the process we provide fully customized operation, integration and consulting including;

Pre-integration and problem solving

We build and help to implement a customized media planning platform accounting for your business models and sale channels. We consider internal work processes and dynamic reporting requirements. We ensure the technology fits all your needs including sales, CRM, trafficking and management.

Migrations services

For part or your entire existing data, including advertiser lists, campaigns or media structures, automatically via an API, saving you hours of manual work.

Customization services

We ensure your unique product profiles are transported to your new system which involves at times extensive development by our in-house teams.

Last Mile solutions

We expose you to unique insights in managing in-page user behavior. We give you the added edge by helping you optimize fill rates, across multiple media channels, and create new products, without changing your CMS.

Special development projects

A large development team is readily available to support your needs, whether it’s a special UI, or integration with your existing system, or feature unique just to you.


Our BI system provides you with in-depth reporting and analysis of your ad server data extracted through an API and re-worked to complement your specific needs, through user-friendly visual UIs. With a team of 40 professionals, we’re ready to serve you in multiple languages, including English, Russian and Hebrew.