DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Small Business

DFP Small Business is Google’s free ad management solution (up to certain volume) that enables publishers to sell, schedule, deliver, and measure the entirety of their digital ad inventory. DFP Small Business exposes unused inventory to multiple ad networks and gives publishers more control over ad delivery than AdSense. As a free Google product, DFP Small Business addresses the ad management and serving needs of growing publishers who prefer a self-managed, ready-to-use solution.

The overall benefit is: By creating more competition for your ad units, your growing website will be open to more revenue earning opportunities with every impression.

Within DFP for Small Businesses, Google’s complete portfolio of tools gives growing publishers access to managing their remnant ad units.

Key Strengths

  • Free to integrate
  • Fast and easy to implement
  • Growth path to DFP Premium
  • Built on new Google API platform
  • Integrates with AdSense and AdX

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