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Google Campaign Manager

The ultimate solution for connecting your marketing channels and taking advantage of advanced attribution modeling

Core Benefits of Google Campaign Manager: 


Eliminate wasted time on creative management

Create, bulk edit, A/B test, deliver, and analyze your creatives, including rich media and video, from one platform, in a few clicks.

Benefit from advanced attribution modeling to reach your ideal audiences

Track users through the conversion funnel on any device, and at any time, to view a holistic understanding of the intersection between the customer and your business.

Centralize your data to make impactful marketing decisions

Analyze the effectiveness of your multi-channel campaigns in a unified, intuitive interface to understand the role that specific channels played in your conversions.

Integrate Campaign Manager with other products in Google Marketing Platform 

Seamlessly integrate Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360, and Analytics 360 to track the results of your marketing efforts. The unification will enable you to avoid discrepancies and de-duplicate conversions.