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Why Publishers Need An MCM Program Partner Now

Steve Myslinski, March 11, 2021


Advertising is the go-to source of monetization for most publishers; however, small and medium-sized publishers are often limited in their access to Ad Manager features. To access Ad Manager’s premium monetization tools such as Ad Exchange (AdX) and Open Bidding, smaller publishers need to work with a large monetization partner that has full access through one of two programs: Scaled Partner Management (SPM) or Multiple Customer Management (MCM).

Although Google has yet to announce an official date, the SPM program is expected to shut down during the first half of 2021, being entirely replaced by the MCM program. This under-the-radar switch has left many publishers asking themselves, “Am I going to lose access to my AdX account if my monetization partner isn’t part of the MCM program?”

In this post, we’ll take a look at both Google programs a little closer.

The Scaled Partner Management (SPM) Program

For publishers who have less than five million monthly pageviews, the only way to access AdX is through an authorized SPM Program partner. By teaming up with an SPM Program partner and gaining AdX access, publishers see far better monetization opportunities than they could have on their own through Google AdSense. The ability to fill ad space from premium advertisers, coupled with the benefit of a managed service, made partnering with an SPM program partner worthwhile. However, times are changing in the Googleverse, and publishers need to be prepared. 

Before we dive into the MCM program benefits, let’s answer that nagging question – will you keep your AdX access?. Although it will take time for Google to roll out MCM and shut down SPM entirely, eventually, yes, you will probably lose access to your AdX. 

If you are working with an AdX reseller that has not yet been accepted into the MCM program or won’t meet the requirements, it’s time to re-evaluate your partnership as not all Google SPM partners will qualify for Google’s MCM program.

What’s Offered in the Google MCM Program?

The goal of Google’s MCM program is to help publishers streamline their monetization efforts while creating a better environment for the advertising supply chain. Publishers who work with a program partner will enjoy the financial benefits that come with AdX, of course, and Open Bidding and Programmatic Direct, both of which offer superior monetization.


mcm google Program

A Closer Look at Open Bidding Benefits

Open Bidding is Google’s response to header bidding and offers two main advantages for publishers.

Open Bidding delivers a better user experience for site visitors because the auctions happen on external servers, so there is no latency with page loading. Faster loading times reduce page bounce rates and increase time-on-page, which leads to more opportunities for monetization.

With Open Bidding, publishers can add or invite demand partners, and through a unified auction, networks, SSPs, and ad exchanges bid simultaneously for an impression. That means that Google will serve the highest possible bid for each impression, increasing publisher revenues.


The Benefits of Programmatic Direct

Programmatic Direct streamlines the sometimes complex process of traditional programmatic buying by allowing publishers and advertisers to make a direct agreement through a programmatic platform like Google’s. Programmatic Direct can include private auctions, which can have a negotiated minimum price, preferred deals with fixed prices, and guaranteed deals with fixed prices. While private auctions and preferred deals don’t offer guaranteed volumes, guaranteed deals do.

For publishers concerned with fraudulent traffic, Programmatic Direct puts the issue to rest through the transparency that naturally comes with direct deals. Publishers will enjoy higher prices for inventory and know that premium ad placements are always filled. Programmatic Direct also enables publishers to have deeper insights around an advertiser’s target audiences, which, in turn, gives publishers more negotiating power over pricing.

When you combine all of the MCM program’s added features, you can see why the Google SPM program will be phased out. All in all, Google’s MCM program gives publishers increased monetization options while increasing efficiency and trust with the ad supply chain.

If you don’t want to risk losing access to your AdX account, this is the time to find a verified MCM program partner like Total Media. We’ve got you covered as we’re already active in the MCM program. Reach out to us today for more information. 


Steve Myslinski is the Senior Director of Sales for EMEA at Total Media and brings years of experience helping publishers realize their true potential for monetizing their inventory. Starting out as an engineer in the automotive industry, before getting his MBA and joining the adtech industry, he provides a unique approach to sales with an analytical and problem solving style to addressing a publishers needs.  Find Steve on LinkedIn or reach him by email at steve(at)totalmediasolutions(dot)com.