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When was the last time you questioned your creative engagement?

Gadi Elias, November 4, 2021

The media buyer is always curious about the effectiveness of their targeting?

What was the best performing keyword? Category? Audience?

So… what about the creative message? Call to action? Layout creative hierarchy?

Don't complicate stuff, keep things simple, in life and in your campaigns

In my opinion, we often overlook the importance of the creative advertisement itself which is mostly responsible for the success of the campaign.

Advertising professionals need to keep these points in mind at all times with regards to their creative message:

1. Where you’re at?

Which attribution phase are you in? Is it in the brand awareness phase? How familiar are your products/services with your intended audience? For example, is it possible to discuss a pre-sale for a brand no one knows?

In creating a new campaign, we should make sure to address the right message at the right attribution phase, so we can target our audience along the funnel of our ad storytelling and, by doing this, we will have a higher probability of being relevant and performing well.

2. Your mantra should be KISS!

How easy is it to remember (is it simple) the creative message? Is it unique? Does your audience understand that the message relates to your brand? From thousands of ads surrounding the targeted audience, did your message get their attention?

KISS = Keep it simple, stupid! (Remember this mantra 😊)

Being able to deliver a sharp and unique creative message is no less important than understanding the right frequency cap/demographics of your targeted audience persona.

3. Engagement! Engagement! Engagement!

Is this advertisement engaging enough? Is your preferred ad format suitable? Did the call to action execute as you intended it to do?

If you are setting up the campaign, you should be sure to build the right message for the right ad format. Being more agile and selecting more attractive ways of engaging will help you achieve better results all around, ensuring that the product is a success.

Furthermore, your call to action should be clear and engaging enough to increase conversion for lead generation campaigns.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to us!  😊

Gadi Elias is the Programmatic Training & Strategy Expert. Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn or via email