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Total Media Solutions: A look at the onboarding process for agencies and brands

Vera Yanovskaya, April 6, 2022

onboarding process, strategy, automation, buy side, training, creative services

At Total Media Solutions, we use our vast experience and in-depth knowledge of marketing and advertising best practices to help our clients achieve their marketing goals through Google Marketing Platforms. 

We strive to make your onboarding process quick, efficient, and smooth, prioritizing initial training sessions and technical support. Our structure encompasses education, preparation, and ongoing support to ensure your best foot forward from the start, knowing that our Buy Side team is with you every step of the way.

Clients often ask us for more details regarding our onboarding process so they know what to expect when they partner with us. With that in mind, we’re going to share more about who we are, the types of clients we work with, and the services we offer.

Total Media Solutions in a nutshell

Total Media Solutions is an established global digital and mobile advertising technology and solutions provider specializing in buy and sell-side ad technologies. We are proud to be one of only nine global companies that has earned the status of being both a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) and Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner. 

On the buy-side, we offer our clients access to the Google Marketing Platform (GMP), which includes Display and Video 360 (DV360), Campaign Manager 360 (CM360), and Search Ads 360 (SA360).

It’s important to note that we are not an advertising agency. What we do is provide marketers with best-in-class onboarding, training, consulting, and support for the Google Marketing Platform. The advanced knowledge, strategies, and advice we share help our clients achieve the best possible advertising results for their company. 

The clients we work with

Our Buy-Side team works with advertising and marketing agencies and brands. Our team has extensive experience working with companies across various industries, some of which include tourism and hotels, retail, gaming, Fintech, beauty, consumer goods, and entertainment. We work with small and medium-size brands, from one-person marketing teams to entire departments, and can provide expert advice for those new to advertising or share advanced knowledge with more experienced teams. 

Services for agencies and brand advertisers

We offer six core services that you can utilize depending on your needs. We know that every company is unique and has different levels of expertise, so we’re here to supplement your knowledge, whether that entails getting you set up with the first stages of Google tools or filling in the gaps for more advanced teams.


Onboarding clients is the first step. During this phase, we review your business strategy, provide advice as to which Google marketing products will be the right fit, and deliver a marketing strategy designed to meet your KPIs.


To ensure clients will be successful, we host two tailor-made training sessions for agency teams, partners, or end marketers so they can meet business goals such as building brand awareness, generating new leads, and acquiring new customers.

In the first session, we cover the basics, including how to open an advertiser account, implement the GMP platform, create a campaign, define targeting, and set up Floodlight. We’ll also review all the DV360 tools that help you launch campaigns. If you’re already using Google Ads and DSPs but are interested in expanding your traffic sources, we’ll assist with the proper setup.

In the next session, we share more advanced knowledge of the platform, campaign optimization tactics, and analysis tools, such as a standard report, IAR report (inventory availability report), Floodlight report, YouTube report, and more.

Experienced clients can gain immediate access to GMP and get things rolling independently without training, although we’re always ready to assist if any issue arises.

Strategy and Operations

Our Buy-Side team thoroughly examines and audits your campaign structure and performance, identifying aspects that can be improved and optimized further. We provide an actionable strategy that gives a holistic view of the overall customer experience with recommendations for generally improving that experience across specific channels and touchpoints.

Creative Services

Our creative services offering covers two fundamental marketing aspects. We can put together a strategy or go ahead and create high-value, high-performing audiences tailored to your needs. We’re happy to consult with your creative team if you have one, or we can produce campaign creatives and data-driven dynamic creatives for you.

Managed Services

If you’re short on team members or time, take advantage of our in-house experts with our fully managed service options. Our team can take on and deliver a range of marketing-related services, including creative development, media management, digital analytics, and more.


Automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks can be a productivity game-changer. We can design and deliver reporting frameworks and easy-to-use dashboards to help your marketing team identify patterns, optimize campaigns and budgets, and make smarter data-driven business decisions.

Ongoing Support and Education

Google algorithms, products, requirements, and rules constantly change. As a certified Google Partner, we are often the first to know about those upcoming changes. We share that information with you and help you prepare, update or change course as needed, keeping you ahead of the curve. We are a click or a call away if you ever need additional training, technical support, or advice.

Take the next step

Google Marketing Platform helps advertising agencies, brands, and media buyers plan, buy, measure, and optimize their digital media and customer experiences in one place. We’re here to make every stage of that process easier and provide all the guidance and assistance necessary to help you make the most of your ad spend. Your success is our priority!

Curious and want to learn more? Ready to get on board? Get in touch with our team, and we’ll be happy to help you reach your business goals.

About the author Vera Yanovskaya is a Senior Client Success Manager at Total Media.  You can contact Vera by email or on LinkedIn