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Introducing Total Media’s Multiple Customer Management (MCM) Program

Brian Blondy, October 29, 2020

Total Media’s MCM Program – Unmatched Revenue Opportunities for Publishers

We are pleased to announce that we are now providing Publishers exclusive access to Open Bidding, Private Deals, and AdX in our new MCM Program.  Our MCM program represents a new horizon for elevating and enhancing your current ad stack with exceptional monetization opportunities previously only open to select Publishers.  

Partnership in our MCM program will provide you with the best opportunity to continue earning revenue from AdX, in addition to new and exclusive demand opportunities via Open Bidding and Private Deals, both of which were unavailable to SPM clients until now. 

Take advantage of new revenue sources only found in the MCM Program

  • Open Bidding
  • Premium Google (AdX) Demand
  • Programmatic Direct – Preferred Deals and Programmatic Guaranteed

What is Open Bidding?

Open Bidding enables Publishers to selectively invite third-party demand partners to compete for your inventory through a single auction via real-time programmatic bidding. Notably, Open Bidding comes packaged in the MCM program, including access to lucrative demand source partners which will allow you to enjoy a significant financial uptick to your revenue across your ad stack.

Open bidding is very easy to implement for Publishers and will allow your company to utilize existing tags on websites and apps at a much reduced latency rate than in header bidding.

Key points about Total Media’s MCM program

  • Open Bidding and Private Deals are not available through a traditional SPM in Google Ad Manager – both are only available through our MCM program
  • Our in-house optimization experts will continue to grow your inventory and yield
  • We’ll run Trust & Safety audits to identify issues and avoid violations
  • Bespoke programmatic consulting and technical training for maximizing revenue

Ready for the MCM program?

If you would like to discuss how you can benefit from MCM’s ability to increase your revenue, let’s schedule a conversation together through the form below.