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Google Selects Total Media as a Partner for its Multiple Customer Management (MCM) Program

Aviad Rave, May 26, 2021

Total Media is proud to announce that we have been selected by Google to participate in their new Multiple Customer Management (MCM) program. We have for years enjoyed our partnership working with Google via Scaled Partner Management (SPM) program. As an authorized SPM partner, we have worked with hundreds of growing digital publishers in the USA and throughout EMEA  to access Google’s wide pool of advertisers.

With MCM, Google defines the authorization level of Parent publisher (let’s say, Total Media) and Child publisher (i.e., you) — creating an effective and transparent relationship. 

Total Media is proud to continue our journey helping publishers across the globe to access Google Ad Exchange through the MCM program. 

Now that we have shared this exciting news, we are sure there are a lot of questions.  When you’re looking for an MCM-approved channel partner, understanding how Google qualified them can be very helpful. 


How does Google Qualify a Partner to MCM? 

Quality, Viewability and Performance

Google completed an audit of its channel partners under the SPM program. The desired core metrics for measuring a partner’s success was to look at the Quality, Viewability, and Performance, and a commitment to maintaining certain standards to get MCM approval. 

Google pays close attention to a partner’s inventory quality. The publishers that the partner brings in matter. Are partners acting in the best way for a healthy ecosystem? Because of the way we carefully select our partners and the efforts we make to understand their business models, we are proud of the  high-quality publishers that we continue to onboard.

At Total Media, one of our core values is Trust and Safety and, through partnerships with industry leading verification tools, we work to ensure that our publishers are aware of the invalid traffic (IVT) threats that are looming and how to put in place the right safeguards. Invalid traffic is one of the main sources for serious deductions and potential loss of AdX demand. We monitor the IVT and work with our publishers in troubleshooting ways to address the problems head on.   

At the end of the day, Google wants to see a partner not just grow but also how they are growing is important. Successful healthy growth is accomplished when partners are working together with their publishers to achieve their goals and that’s what we do! Our dedicated Publisher Revenue Management team works with publishers to ensure better user experience and higher viewability scores. 

We are excited to work with Google and take part in the MCM program that will help foster transparency in the ecosystem.  

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime.


Aviad Rave is the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Total Media. Find Aviad on LinkedIn or reach him by email at aviad(at)totalmediasolutions(dot)com.