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Google has launched Web Interstitials for Mobile Web and Desktop!

Bar Lazarovitch-Palfi, October 20, 2020

google ad manager

A big announcement in 3… 2… 1! Google Ad Manager Web Interstitials are now LIVE!

We have been waiting for this for a long time!

Publishers, listen to this – there is a significant revenue opportunity here.

Google has just launched Web Interstitial for Mobile Web and Desktop and you can add it to your set of ad formats using the new open beta feature in Google Ad Manager are available to you through partnership with Total Media.

Web Interstitial for Mobile Web and Desktop
An example of a Web Interstitial on Desktop

Finally, good news in 2020 

We know this year has delivered some unpredictable consequences, but fortunately, we are confident Web Interstitials are an exclusive and potentially high impact ad format.

The uniqueness of the Web Interstitials is the combination of access to brand-new inventory and the privilege of displaying ads in-between page views.

What’s in it for you?

  • Higher CPMs
  • Higher Viewability
  • Higher CTR
  • User Experience is monitored with frequency capping  

Imagine the following scenario:

A user clicks on a link within an article, initiating an interstitial ad to serve before he or she lands on the next article, with a clear close button to let the user the option to choose whether they like to exit the ad or clicking on it, which will take them to the landing page.

landing page
An example of a Web Interstitial on Mobile Web

Taking care of the User Experience on the one hand and improving the impact of the ad on the other hand.

  • Granular control, including setting pricing floors and selling across all transaction types
  • Simple setup and low maintenance  
  • No delay in rendering!
  • Taking care of the load-time by pre-fetching all creatives, the interstitial will is shown when the creative is ready
  • Compliant with industry Better Ads Standards
  • Straightforward get-away navigation for the user
User Experience
An example of a Web Interstitial on Mobile Web

Let’s talk numbers!

After the ramp up period there is no question that Web Interstitials, both on Mobile Web and Desktop, are capable of delivering strong performance.

We can see that the user experience is successfully being considered – with safeguards in place such as frequency caps (unlike what we experienced with Web Interstitials in the past). Web Interstitials have shown high viewability metrics, good click-through rates and even higher CPMs.

It is time to see it for yourself.

In some cases, we have seen CPMs higher than $15! Despite the significant frequency cap to protect a site’s user experience, we still predict much more potential to come. It’s definitely worth a try!

It is important to note that Web Interstitial inventory is only available in Google Ads. We are expecting Display & Video 360 and other authorized 3rd Party demand platforms to support this inventory in the near future as well.

Total Media along with our partners are proud to be part of this Beta roll out and we share the public’s excitement for the second life of this impactful and profitable ad format.

Please contact us if you’re interested and would like more information.
Happy onboarding, let’s find out CTRs together while maximizing publishers’ revenue!

Bar Lazarovitch Palfi is the Head of Sell-Side Services at Total Media. One of the things Bar enjoys the most in her role is the combination of technology and people. Being on the client’s side at the beginning of her career, Bar is at the center of the bits and bytes of every Total Media customer. As the trusted advisor and Total Media’s professional point of contact for the Google Ad Manager stack, Bar revels in initiating new strategies and processes while growing with the industry’s innovation. You can reach Bar on Linkedin or email at bar(at)totalmediasolutions(dot)com