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Google AdManager Update: Privacy and Messaging

Ryan Rakover, August 9, 2021


One tab for all your privacy and messaging needs

The Ad Tech industry is constantly changing and the area of Privacy and User awareness has a lot of attention and controls that need to be managed. Google Admanager has built on the previously available features from Funding Choices and are now available in an easy to use and updated tab inside Google Ad Manager for a publisher’s convenience.

With consideration to the challenges publishers face managing Privacy between all of the updates, requirements, updates to advertising identifiers and ad blocker technologies it can be very confusing and time consuming. Google Admanager has enhanced the privacy and messaging features to help streamline compliance with global privacy regulations.

The privacy & messaging tab will act as a single place to stay informed about relevant regulations, understand what actions can be taken, and message users. The new tab has an easy-to-use messaging tool to collect consent, recover ad revenue and explore new ways to monetise your site or app.

In addition to being able to manage messages, the feature allows for personalization of messages to fit the look of the site or app while remaining industry compliant. Gathering clear and transparent consent will help you to protect your ad revenue as well as recover revenue lost to ad blockers. The process allows for frictionless integration using existing tags (GPT) and simple SDK updates.

Inside the messaging feature there are options to create GDPR (web and app) as well as CCPA (web only) consent and opt out messaging. This allows publishers to transparently gather, manage and communicate to their Users their choices for advertising purposes. These features are designed to help your users make clear informed consent choices. It is always important to make sure that your messaging is connected to your Users. The messaging feature now supports multi-language messaging so that a publisher can now deploy a message across all of their properties.



As the ecosystem continues to evolve it is clear that publisher transparency with clear consent is a foundation stone to be bolstered. With these new updates Google Admanager continues to help publishers meet those challenges that face privacy regulation compliance at a global standard. With the added benefit of it being in synch with their Ads Platform.

Privacy awareness and consent are two areas that have spurred a lot of debate over the last few years in the industry. As different countries and member states (EU) continue to offer their best direction forward, navigating the future of data trading,sharing,selling etc. is for everyone to be vigilant on. By building out the Privacy and Messaging tab Google Admanager continues to develop and meet the challenges of today’s publishers not just as a platform but as a partner.

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Ryan Rakover is the head of our Trust and Safety efforts at Total Media.

One of the things Ryan enjoys the most in his role as a Publisher’s strategic partner is the challenge of bringing policy from a place of rules and standards to delivering solutions to clients to improve their client’s bottom line.  Find Ryan on LinkedIn or reach him by email at ryan(at)totalmediasolutions(dot)com.