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Doubleclick Bid Manager и AdWords: что выбрать?

Brian Blondy, June 19, 2018

Google offers advertisers several tools to launch digital campaigns. And if the AdWords platform is well known to every advertiser, then Doubleclick Bid Manager (DBM) is a premium solution for advertising agencies and companies that have significant budgets.
For such a “premium” has its own legitimate reasons.
What is the difference between DBM and AdWords, and when is it best to use each of these tools? Now we will tell in detail.

Jewelry Targeting

Alpha and Omega of a successful advertising campaign is access to a relevant target audience when the budget is spent on attracting your potential buyers. This targeting makes DBM a unique tool for advertisers. Using AdWords, you can form an audience by demography, interests, geography, topics. And all this is only on the Google database. In the case of DBM, third-party traffic providers come into play – more than 90 advertising exchanges and 900 million sites. DBM provides 90% coverage of typical cookie-based audiences on all exchanges, in all formats and in all regions.
With such a scale, new criteria are added to the traditional targeting criteria – page context, user behavior scenarios, and much more. All this makes the target as flexible and accurate as possible, and therefore the chance of getting relevant leads increases significantly.

Bonus Programming Purchases

All purchases of advertising in DBM occur automatically. DBM advertisers can choose from a number of programmatic purchase options, including guaranteed programs, direct deals and open exchange. For example, you can directly automatically buy a place to place in such premium media as Avito, TASS, Picabu, TripAdvisor Russia. By the way in AdWords, there is no direct access to the sites.

Hard selection of publishers

Not every publisher can offer their inventory in Doubleclick. All sites are subject to rigorous selection, which ensures high quality advertising sites.

Detailed reporting

DBM offers the opportunity to analyze campaign programmatic using 35 metrics and over 50 indicators. For example, one of the most useful of them is Active View. This is a Google technology that allows you to determine whether a user has seen an ad and how long it has been displayed.

So is Doubleclick Bid Manager or AdWords anyway?

Most likely both that, and that. AdWords might be enough for search advertising and small display campaigns. But if you want to increase control over display advertising, to be able to develop a large-scale advertising strategy aimed at targeting potential customers, then DBM will be an excellent tool in your arsenal.

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Total Media Group is the first official Google partner in Russia for the Doubleclick ecosystem. Today we are proud that dozens of leaders in their respective fields, including Aviasales, Ingate digital agency and many others, have chosen Total Media as their supplier Doubleclick Bid Manager.