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A Special Total Media Event – Stories from Publishers’ Bedrooms – Two Click Nightmares – 06/19/2020

Brian Blondy, June 11, 2020


We won’t state the obvious, but things are s**t at the moment. In an already confusing industry and ecosystem, things just got a lot more uncertain.

Publishers now face new challenges and obstacles for achieving growth and increasing revenue in an unstable environment without a playbook of clear solutions to apply.

The purpose of our webinar is to have a discussion around the emergence of 2-Click Penalty for Publishers. 2-Click penalties can be financially devastating for publishers and have the power to completely negate and reverse all positive progress a publisher has and seeks to make from their traffic. 

Our panel consists of leading thinkers from the online publishing space. We believe that this will be an excellent opportunity to gain insights and best practices which you can potentially apply directly to your business.

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