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A Special Total Media Event – Locking the Door – An Open and Honest Conversation about Ad Blocking, Content Walls and Subscriptions – 09/03/2020

Brian Blondy, August 16, 2020

The purpose of our fourth webinar is to discuss and analyze the growing presence of ad blocking and its effect on the internet from a variety of perspectives.

With Special Guests

For much of the past decade, publishers, advertisers, and industry thought-leaders alike have been ringing the alarm bells about the presence of ad blocking technology and its seemingly destructive impact on the free web. 

Publishers claim that without digital advertising as the means to support an open internet for users, websites cannot sustain their operations, businesses cannot promote their products, and journalists cannot create high-quality content for their readers. 

While the impact of ad-blocking software has been significant across the horizon, there is also a growing herd of contrasting technology companies and internet users who are also striving to shape the future of how they interact with the internet by seeking a faster browsing experience, content with minimal advertising and more anonymity from 3rd party cookies and behavior tracking. 

Join us for an Open and Honest Conversation about Ad Blocking, Content Walls and Subscriptions!

In 2020, this clash of multifaceted interests all seemingly at odds with each other is still without a clear, universal solution to achieve a new and accepted online experience for all. 

As a result, all parties touched by advertising are still proceeding forward on their own behalf and interests, thus creating a vacuum filled by frustration for one another, but also one where new companies are emerging to deliver innovations and potential solutions for addressing the locked status quo.  

We will interview three different individuals, each of whom has a different and equally important view of the impact ad blocking technology has on them and investigate how the industry is both positively and negatively responding to its existence with a variety of solutions. 

By the end of the webinar, you will possess a new basis of interdisciplinary knowledge to tap into about Ad Blocking, Content Walls and Subscriptions for 2020 and beyond.

You are welcome to join us on 09/03/20!