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Data is the digital heartbeat of everything you do online.

Every day your digital activities produce enormous amounts of data.  Every impression, user click and conversion leaves behind a trail of information needing to be analyzed and waiting to be acted upon. Whether you’re managing publishing content or showcasing your business, if you ignore the behavior of your target audiences, you are missing out on the core data insights which provide a fuller picture of the overall effectiveness and potential opportunities with your digital activities.

We believe that realizing the opportunity to harness your data in order to reach new conclusions about conversion behavior is an essential marketing practice which all digital publishers and marketers alike must embrace as a critical part of a modern digital portfolio.

In order to support and empower your digital activities, we place data analysis, strategy and performance at the heart of everything we do.  It is our highest priority to be your partner in realizing your business goals through intelligent and analytics across all platforms in which you are active.

Total Media Can Amplify Your Google Analytics 

Total Media provides executive level analysis and strategic consulting for Google Analytics to companies of all sizes worldwide. Our team of Google Analytics professional experts will unlock your analytical data to assist you to draw bigger conclusions from user behavior and to make more confident marketing decisions from your analytics.

We see our role as being your partner to unlock the analytical information that you need to grow and galvanize your business.


The Importance of Analytics

  • Attribution
  • Measurement
  • Segmentation

We Proudly Offer Consulting and Expert Management to the Entire Google Analytics 360 Suite

  • Analytics – Acquire actionable insights and deep analysis about your customers and their behavior on your website
  • Tag Manager – Essential solution for editing website tags
  • Optimize – Test multiple versions of a webpage to deliver better performance
  • Data Studio – Tell better stories and make better decisions with data

Our Services and Support

  • A trusted team of analytics to assist your company
  • Streamlined set-up and onboarding
  • Regular monitoring and evaluation
  • Detailed reporting and diagnostics
  • Actionable insights and recommendations
  • Group training and development
  • Troubleshooting and HTML repair

Every publisher and advertiser faces challenges interpreting data into solutions. Whether your company needs a partner to assist you to gain deeper understandings of your digital activities or provides the solutions to maximize your return on every impression, Total Media can provide your company with unmatched value.

Staffed with a skilled team of multi-disciplinary analytics experts with years of professional optimization experience, the world’s largest publishers and marketers trust Total Media to achieve the highest ROI on every impression.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with a Total Media Google Analytics expert to hear how we can turn your analytics into valuable, actionable results, sign up on the form below and we will return back to you shortly.

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