We Will Optimize and Maximize Your Marketing Campaigns


We offer our clients not only the technology, but also a set of essential services and consulting that a client requires once they sign-up for DCM and DBM.

As an official Google Certified Marketer Partner (GCMP), Total Media has a rich history of working on many Google (DoubleClick) platforms with different integration options. We have been an official value Google partner (DoubleClick), specializing in both buy-side and sell-side platforms.

Total Media offers clients many value added services for all platforms:

  • Customer training – After customer’s signing of agreement, we provide full training on each platform
  • Support – During the start of the work, we consult throughout the process to ensure implementation success
  • Technical support – Our certified support specialists provide ongoing technical support on any issues connected to the platform operation
  • Training – We provide customers refresher trainings, trainings for new staff, and trainings on new features of the products
  • Best Practices Consulting – Our professional team provides continuous consulting as to best practices and best use of the DDM platforms as customized for each advertiser/agency
  • Professional Services – We provide unique work arounds, as well as services for integration of DDM platforms with other SaaS, such as DMP’s, CRM’s, etc.

With Total Media by your side, your moves count.

Our in-house professionals use campaign management tools to monitor and analyze campaigns and audience behavior to better understand your data and gain valuable insights.

Our team of analysts combines analytical skills and digital advertising technology expertise to deliver the results you need. With our hands-on approach and open communication channels, we partner with our advertisers to keep them informed and part of the decision making process.

Our Core Areas of Support and Services

  • Google Marketing Platform (Display & Video 360/DBM) Configuration
  • Campaign Set-up
  • Campaign Management
  • Technical Troubleshooting


Since 2009 we have been successfully onboarding Advertisers and Agencies onto Google Marketing Platform (formerly DoubleClick). We are well versed in the most optimal way to configure an account in both use cases. We also have a team of impassioned and knowledgeable professionals to deliver training, troubleshoot issues answer any questions and ensure campaign and client success. Our depth and breadth of experience both as a company and as professional individuals positions us to deliver learnings from where the pitfalls may lay and how to avoid them.

Our analysts provide you with detailed insights into your campaign data and help you make educated decisions about your budgets and campaigns. They define and communicate methods of tracking and measuring media campaign performance and consult with you on testing.

Total Media’s in-depths reports are key to lifting your campaign performance. They help you to understand why campaigns performed the way they did and what can be done to improve them.

Looking for Additional Services and Support to Make Your Campaigns a Success?

Our in-house team of experts fully understand and ready to maximize and optimize your campaigns