Total Media is a global digital solutions provider offering ad technologies, monetization solutions and value added services to publishers and advertisers worldwide.

With over 10 years of experience specializing in digital ad serving and monetization, Total Media delivers first-rate display and video programmatic solutions that address the modern programmatic complexities facing online publishers today.  Through proper AdTech integration for both direct and remnant website traffic and working across multiple media platforms, including web, video, mobile, and rich media, Total Media’s monetization and professional services assist publishers to unlock the full economic potential of modern digital ad technologies. Our in-house digital monetization team combines inventory and ad campaign management within a distinct partnership approach to yield immediate revenue growth for every impression.

With expertise in both buy and sell side ad technologies, Total Media has been recognized as an official Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) and has been an official DoubleClick by Google partner for over ten years for optimizing DFP Premium, DFP Small Business, and DoubleClick AdX. Total Media is proud to be a global leader for providing professional support and technical services to publishers seeking the highest ROI for every impression.


For advertisers, Total Media provides expertise and knowledge in digital ad technologies and platforms.  In addition to providing support services and integration for Google’s publisher platforms, Total Media is an official DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner (DCMP) providing extensive expertise and knowledge in digital ad buying technologies and platforms for advertisers.  Advertisers can begin using DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) a demand-side-platform (DSP) greater control and performance for global display media buying, DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) to manage digital display campaigns across every medium for ad serving, user targeting, verification, end-reporting, and attribution modeling, in addition to DoubleClick Search (DS), a tool for creating, managing, and tracking search keyword campaigns across multiple search engines. Our professionals will assist your company to integrating and maximizing DoubleClick’s buy-side stack into your marketing process.

Advertisers looking to begin display advertising campaigns can utilize Total Media’s in-house team of advertising professionals to provide programmatic buying services. Our team tailors each campaign budget to achieve maximum ROI. Total Media aims to reach optimum results by combining over a decade of digital advertising experience, technology and data expertise and business intelligence into every campaign the team manages. The Total Media team will assist your company to gain valuable insights and track campaign results in real time through a customized client dashboard and easy to digest visual reporting for each campaign.

Total Media’s customers experience the best of both worlds; digital ad technology expertise combined with access to a multi-lingual team of monetization analysts. The professional staff builds a customized solution tailored to deliver the highest revenue across every digital screen in every format. Total Media is a privately owned company with over 30 dedicated and qualified employees priding themselves on achieving impressive ROI results for hundreds of publishers and advertisers worldwide.

Since 2004, Total Media has enabled hundreds of digital publishers and advertisers with the most effective integrated ad-serving solutions and tools for reaching high value ad inventory and increased revenue for every impression served. With a skilled team and years of professional optimization experience vital to yielding immediate revenue growth, the world’s largest publishers trust Total Media to achieve the highest ROI on every impression.