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Sivan Tafla


Sivan Tafla is the co-founder and CEO of Total Media Solution and serves on its board of directors.

Under Sivan’s focused leadership and passion for digital media, Total Media Solution has steadily grown from a local company into a significant player in the industry by providing excellent advertising solutions, technologies, and services to companies operating in the digital world.

Sivan is active and involved in the online advertising business for more than 20 years. Sivan established and led several successful internet and ad technology companies which created products and solutions to meet the digital advertising needs of today and tomorrow. She founded and headed Ad4ever Interactive Technologies in 1999 and scaled it successfully until aQuantive Inc acquired it in 2005. Ad4ever invented a Rich Media ad technology that was considered a breakthrough in the early stages of the digital advertising industry.

Additionally, Sivan was involved in a few early-stage startup companies in several managerial roles among them Intercast Networks – a multicasting video technology company, and cMate – a multiplayer mobile gaming company. Sivan also founded AdnSee – a digital ad agency providing innovative, creative solutions in the early days of the industry.

Before her involvement in the ad tech industry, Sivan was an accomplished business analyst in Sigma Investment Banking company focused on company evaluation, business strategy, and fundraising.

Sivan holds an MBA from the University of Manchester, specializing in Marketing and Finance.