Rivka Perry


An entrepreneur and a business woman, Riki is the chairperson of Total Media Group board of directors, as well as of Startify (previously Sigma Investments 1992), and other boards. She was previously the chairperson of Cachol-Yarok (cleantech technologies), Nitron, Mutual Funds, Sigma Group (Capital Markets) and Ad4ever. For over 15 years she headed an attorney firm specializing in commercial law, real estate and security.

Amitai Tafla

President and Founder

Amitai founded Total Media in 2005 and served as CEO for 6 years. Today he fills the position of President.
Prior to that, Amitai was one of the founders, and for four years VP of product management and ad operations at Ad4ever, an innovator in the online ad serving market, which invented and developed the TopLayer™, a leading technology for Rich Media. Ad4ever was acquired by aQuantive in 2004. Amitai has vast experience in ad operations and ad serving technologies. Prior to joining the founding team of Ad4ever, Amitai held some senior financial roles at an investment banking firm, Bezeq (the Israeli telecommunications corporation) and a leading e-commerce company.
Amitai holds an MBA from Manchester University, and in his free time he is a mountain biking enthusiast.

Yaniv Levi


Yaniv is a partnering founder of Total Media since 2005. He served as its CTO for over 6 years and filled the position of CEO for two years. During the past 10 years, Yaniv teamed up to establish multiple Internet ventures including TheMarker.com – a leading financial and business news portal, Merlin Communications, a textual ad-exchange, GoMobile.co.il, a leading mobile e-commerce portal and Online-101, a performance network based in the US. Yaniv has earned himself a reputation as a seasoned entrepreneur in the interactive media niche.
Yaniv holds an MSc degree in Computer Science from IDC Herzliya, an EMBA from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and holds a Green Sash 4 in Wu Wei Gong Fu, a Chinese martial art, which he practices for the past 12 years.

Sivan Tafla


Sivan is a seasoned web entrepreneur with over 15 years of management experience in Internet and ad technology ventures. Sivan was a member of the founding team of Intercast Networks, a video technology startup, where she spearheaded the deployment of an advertising platform and oversaw business development. Prior to that, she established Ad4ever – a pioneer in Rich Media where she served as CEO for 5 years till it was sold to aQuantive Inc. in 2004. She previously served as CEO of Adnsee, an interactive ad agency, following her stint as an analyst at Sigma Investments. Sivan is a founding member of MTBSuisse’ a Swiss organization specializing in ecological tourism in the Swiss Alps. She is also a passionate runner.

Moshe Nachum


Moshe is the senior finance manager of Total Media Group, and has been fulfilling the finance duties since the company’s inception in 2005. In parallel, Moshe continues to serve as a CFO of Startify (1992), previously Sigma investments and is also a board member for Total Media group. Prior to that, Moshe headed a mortgage department in Leumi Mortgage Bank and worked in a government ministry.

Avidan Perry

Legal Counsel

Avidan serves as Total Media’s Legal Counsel and Operations Manager since 2011. He previously served in various management roles at Sigma Investments (Startify, 1992) and its subsidiary companies. Avidan has worked in a range of industries including Internet advertising as a co-founder of Ad4ever, web designer as a founder of ADnSee and in the clean-tech industry as a Project Manager at BPT (Bio Pure Technologies). Avidan has been licensed as a lawyer since 2006.